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Being an artist in one of the most creative cities in the world can oftentimes cause feelings of vulnerability, loneliness, and loss. But even a lost seed planted away from the rest of the crops will grow into something beautiful if it is nurtured and watered.

This group is for Los Artist in Los Angeles. It is a group for the actor, the artist, the musician, the entertainer, and the entrepreneur. It is a group for everyone because it is a group founded on love and love has no boundaries. And neither should you or your creativity.

The problem is, the boundaries we feel are holding us back are often created by our own doing. The heart and influence of Jamel along with the community of other creatives can help slowly expel those problems and boundaries and begin to expand the creativity and progress. This weekly meeting could be just what you need to become who you want to be.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”
Albert Einstein

So sometimes we need that extra voice of encouragement to help us solve our problems. Let Jamel and this weekly meeting be the extra voice and mind that helps solve your problems.



Certified life coach Jamel Davenport has been working for over 15 years with some of the most successful minds across the globe. His approach to personal and professional transformation helps individuals reconnect with who they truly are.

As founder and CEO of Davenport Coaching, Jamel’s deepest desire is to help individuals feel empowered or supported in their efforts to build a bridge from where they are to where they truly want to be. He is able to hear what others say, while also hearing what they are not saying and then guiding them to the answers they are really asking for. Jamel’s internal motto has always been to surrender to grace, which he now extends to others as he joins in their life journeys by creating an environment of grace and gratitude in which others can grow.

Part of Jamel’s success in life is due to his willingness to surrender into whatever was available at the time and his ability to be consistent. One door that opened for him was the opportunity to have a weekly meeting here in Los Angeles for creatives and entrepreneurs. This group is for anyone struggling or in need of direction to meet Jamel and learn alongside him.

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